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'Breakfast with The Moon'

‘Breakfast with the Moon’ is the first large scale painting Emily has made. The idea behind the 60x90cm painting grew from her final project at University, ‘Up In Space’, a series of animations and illustrations following the Moon and his daily life. Made in January 2021 during lockdown, this painting was a passion project for Emily, and an opportunity to explore colours, patterns and interiors in an unfamiliar medium.

Love songs with the moon .jpg

'Love Songs with The Moon'

'Love Songs with the Moon' is a 30x40cm acrylic painting on canvas board. Developing the 'Up In Space' series, Emily explores the fantasy landscapes of which The Moon exists in. March 2021.

01 Getting by.jpg

'Gettin' By'

'Gettin' By' is a 30x40cm acrylic painting on canvas board. Through 6 images, Emily explores her need for a sense of routine and purpose during lockdown. She aims to structure moments of serenity and comfort in day to day life. April 2021. 

Depresso 2.jpg


'Depresso' is a 30x40cm acrylic painting on canvas board. April 2021. 



'Iris' is a 40x50cm acrylic painting on canvas board, developed from drawings from @fatlifedrawing and @bodylovesketchclub. Represented by colour, this painting shows Iris (a life model) in different moods in various parts of the day. May 2021. 

Egg painting .jpg


‘Easy' is an A4 acrylic painting on canvas. Developed from sketchbook illustrations about creating morning rituals. May 2021. 

Slack City.jpg

Slack City 
Spiegelten Paintings

Two paintings made for Brighton Spiegeltent promoting Slack City's 6-week event. 

midnight at the movies .jpg

'Midnight at the Movies'

Acrylic on canvas painting inspired by a solo trip to the cinema in Brighton

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